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Coming Soon to Pittsburgh, PA

Holliday Design in the process of rolling out an outstanding new package lineup of lighting services in the Pittsburgh Area for weddings and events. Being the son of a wedding DJ and brother to a wedding videographer, I grew up around weddings, wires, and equipment. Add a creative background and years of experience in marketing, advertising, and communications and the resulting mixture is a lifetime of developing an eye for light, color, texture, and creativity.

But why start offering a lighting service now?

This year, while planning my own wedding, I was struck by how few lighting options are available in the Pittsburgh area. Basically, my options were: try a DIY, rent equipment, or hope I found a DJ with a lighting setup to do everything I want to do. I don't want to cause property damage from a DIY gone wrong. I don't want to worry about another rental mess with. But what about that last option...

I began to wonder why a DJ should have to pull double-duty as a DJ and a lighting technician in the first place. Is that really the type of thing they want to be worrying about on top of everything else they already do? Even then, lighting solutions are often limited by the fact that many DJs simply can't afford to invest all their money into a top notch lighting setup in addition to their top notch audio equipment. My theory is that some DJs go through all this because a hassle-free lighting solution hadn't presented itself.

These questions prompted me to steer Holliday Design to engage in preliminary discussions with Pittsburgh Area DJs and venues. If these discussions show that my theory is correct, Holliday Design will be shifting its primary focus from marketing and communications to lighting services. When that happens, you can say good-bye to messy and dangerous DIY lighting projects, costly equipment rentals, or unnecessary equipment purchases and say hello to Holliday Design.


Marketing and Communications

If you are a new or returning customer expecting to see Holliday Design's traditional role of developing promotional materials, graphic design, website development, and brand management, please contact me at holliday@hollidaydesign.com. I will continue to offer these services. Meanwhile, you will continue to enjoy a premium service at an affordable rate.


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